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Grade 1 & 2

Monday through Friday
8:30AM - 3:15PM

Mrs. Kati Prantner
Grade 1 & 2

Mrs. Kati Prantner has been teaching first and second grade at Kodiak Christian School since the 2006-2007 school year. She grew up in rural Minnesota, attended and graduated from Crown College with a Bachelors Degree in Elementary Education and Biblical Studies. Upon graduation, she and her husband felt the Lord calling them to go overseas, where they served in Hong Kong, China. Mrs. Prantner was the English teacher in a bilingual Kindergarten classroom. God then brought them here to Kodiak, Alaska where she has enjoyed over ten years partnering with Kodiak Christian School students and families.  


Kodiak Christian School first and second grade has a strong academic and spiritual focus in all content areas. Each student has grade level specific lessons in math (ACSI), reading (BJU Press), language arts (BJU Press), spelling (BJU Press), handwriting (Zaner-Blozer), and writing.  The other classroom subjects of Bible (ACSI), science (A Beka), social studies (A Beka), health (A Beka), computer, and art are taught as a whole class on an every other year rotation. For more information about first and second grade please contact the KCS office. We look forward to serving and partnering with your family! 

Classroom News

Island Cove and Safeway Fun!


The first and second grade class visited Island Cove on Wednesday, May 10 and shared a fifteen minute chapel skit presentation, "The Drama with No Name" with the clients and staff. After the skit, the students shared how to use the new pop culture toy: the fidget! Smiles all around! The students also visited Safeway to explore different plant parts that we eat plus we ate snack at the store. The kiddos will also make and prepare a plant part salad. 



Our class visited the touch tank and two local beaches to learn about God's great tidepool critters! The best finds were brittle stars and an octopus. 

Math Games


Math game time is a fun time in our classroom this happens after math seatwork is done and before we start language arts time each day. :)  


Eggs and Reading


Science is fun! We enjoyed an eggsploration this week! We were able to identify main parts (albumen, yolk, and shell) and examine them up close.  Our class will continue to learn even more about animals in the weeks to come. Our study of Daniel has been exciting too. Next week, we will explore Daniel 5 and 6 and learn more about prayer. Congratulations to the super readers in our room! Our read-in was so exciting. 

Field Trips


 Our classroom also enjoyed a field trip to Wells Fargo Bank and Sutliff True Value. We had fun seeing LOTS of money and "shopping" for many different priced items.

100th Day of School 


We celebrated our 100th Day of School this week in 100 year old style! We enjoyed writing to 100 and counting, sorting, and graphing 100 pennies. Plus we enjoyed a penny carnival, 100 treats, and sharing 100s collections! 

Advice ABC's


We had fun creating a book of wise advice to conclude our lessons about Esther. 

Cooperation, Stone Soup, and Bees


?Cooperation was our focus this week as we learned more about how Nehemiah helped rebuild the walls of Jerusalem. Ask your child how many days it took to complete? On Tuesday, our classroom was swarming with "bees". On Thursday, we were able to celebrate a no-green day accomplishment with some yummy popcorn in honor of national popcorn day! Way to go!? Thank you to everyone for helping us make our Stone Soup yummy and fun to eat! Lastly, we had our first mystery reader visit; ask your child who it was. If you are interested in being a mystery reader check your child's planner on Monday for more information about how.



Buzzing Bees will be competing in our very own spelling bee on Tuesday January 17 @ 1:45 in our classroom please come and support us if you are able. Students are also encouraged to dress in black and yellow/orange so that they can BEE ready for the bee. We enjoyed learning about being bold from the story of Elijah this week as he faced the prophets of Baal. God is so powerful! We even got to put our multiplication skills to the test as we figured out how much water was dumped on the altar before God performed His miracle. 



In Bible we finished a unit on RUTH. We learned how she was loyal, loving, and devoted. Ask your child how she was each of these things. She was also redeemed just as are redeemed through Jesus' sacrifice for us. AMEN! We started looking at WHY toys are fun this week through our movement exploration in science. Toys are so much fun! We were able to share some great water, wind, and air toys this week. Plus we make our own pinwheels and kites!

Australian Thanksgiving Feast


We had a wonderful kick off to Thanksgiving this week with our classroom Australian Thanksgiving lunch. Thank you to everyone who helped make it possible. We enjoyed welcoming you all into our classroom too! 



Our class enjoyed sharing a chapel message with the school about the very first Thanksgiving! 

Give Thanks! 


Give thanks! Our chapel skit is looking great. Our class is looking forward to teaching the school about the first thanksgiving for chapel on Nov. 16 @ 8:35, come and join us! We are also thankful to have learned about how we can be a great American. We even wrote about what it would be like if we each were in the white house! The first and second graders practiced voting too--we voted on the national ice cream flavor--CHOCOLATE--which was chosen through a tie breaker vote. It helped us have fun discussions about our chances to vote. 

Land of Oz


Throughout the month of October the kids in first and second grade have been learning about Australia also known as Oz, or The Land Down Under.Our favorite part was sharing with everyone what we had learned on International Day playing the part of jackaroos and jillaroos! 

No Green Rewards


Our class celebrated a no green party this week as a reward for our awesome behavior choices. We played Pit, Guess Who?, Headbands, and many more games while eating yummy snacks! Good behavior certainly has good rewards! 



Are you humble or too proud? Our class was able to dive into this subject this week through the help of our Bible hero: Moses. We also enjoyed discussing the MANY miracles God was able to do in order to deliver the Israelites out of Egypt. Can you list the Ten Plauges? Second graders enjoyed doing their first spelling test this week. First graders will begin spelling the week of October 3. In art and handwriting we have been learning about lines; ask your child which type of lines they can spot in the world around them. 

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